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Authentic. Bold. Mindful.

If your life looks great on paper
but feels crap in real life,
we need to talk.

I’m Barbara, a Self Care Coach, specializing in helping women to balance professional success with their personal health and happiness. It starts with embracing your uniqueness, respecting your body, and creating a sense of balance so you can thrive. I can help you enjoy the success you’ve strived so hard to achieve without having to sacrifice your soul to find it.


Do you lay awake at night because you're unclear about your path?

Are you stressed about pleasing others, work, and money?

Are you afraid of judgment and of stepping out of your shell?

Do you feel lost and unknown - even by the people closest to you?

There are entire industries dedicated to telling you you're broken. You need fixing. That success means having a certain job, looking a certain way, and living a certain lifestyle. 

I'm calling time on the idea that you're broken. It's bullshit.

You don't need fixing. You just need some help to appreciate and prioritize yourself.

What you need is to find your essence and tribe so you can confidently approach your dreams.



Are you tired of feeling tired?

You can’t remember the last time you looked into the mirror and liked what you saw. You’re eating clean and exercising but nothing shifts and you’re tired of feeling like crap but you just don’t know where to start.

Start by taking the self-care assessment. 

Welcome to the journey. Let’s start a JoyReform!


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